Main Meals $13.80 per serve
Nutty Rice --Steamed rice topped with tofu and vegetables cooked in peanut sauce.
Curry Fried Rice --Vegetables, tofu and rice in a curry spice sauce.
Cashew Nuts Stirfry --Vegetables, tofu, bean shoots stirfried in a vegies sauce with cashew nuts on rice.
Southern Indian Curry Mix --Lentil curry and spice vegetables served with rices, pappadum and chutney.
Mee Goreng --Wheat noodle, vegetables, tofu, potatoes, bean shoots in spice and tomato sauce, stirfry with rice.
Laksa --Spice, creamy coconut soup, rice noodles, tofu, soya slices and vegetables.
Risotto --Rice with vegetables,tomato and cream(dairy or vegan tofu cream)
Hokkien Noodle --Vegetables and shiitake mushroom,bean shoots in soya sauce with wheat noodles.
Rice Vermicelli Combination --Thin rice noodles,soya slices,tofu, vegetables, shiitake mushroom and blace bean sauce.
Green Curry --Tofu, vegetables, lemongrass, and bsil leaves stewed in a thick coconut gravy and served with rice.
Cantonese Stirfry --Soya slices, tofu, vegetables and shiitake mushroom, bean shoots in a soya sauce served with rice.
Tom Yum Stirfry --Vegetables, tofu, bean shoot stirfry with Tom Yum sauce on rice.(Mild/Med/Hot)
Polenta Haven --Polenta topped with rich and tangy beans and vegetable stew.
Mixed Bean Rice --A treasure of pulses with vegetables and herbs.
Spaghetti con la Zucca --Chick peas, pumpkin, vegetables, herbs, tomato and cream.
Fettuccine con la Verdura --Green vegetables, tomato and cream.
Spaghetti con Melazane e Noci --A walnut and eggplant puree with tomato and cream.
Entrees Prices Soups Prices
Spring Rolls(2) $3.80 Lentil and Vege Soup $5.80
Samosa $3.80 Lentil and Vege Soup with Wholemeal Bread $6.80
Deep Fried Tofu Bar $3.80 Tom Yum Soup $5.80
Pappadum $3.80 Miso Soup $5.80
Steam Tofu $6.80 Desserts Prices
Herb Polenta Chip $13.80 Mango Chesse Cake From $5.00
Tempura $13.80 Sticky Date Pudding From $4.50
Salad $5.50 Chocolate Carrot&Nuts Cake From $5.00
Steam/Fry Dumpling(4) $3.80 Apple Crumble From $4.50
Rice Noddle Stirfry $6.80 Black Rice Pudding From $4.50
Roti(Curry sauce) $3.80 Banana Boat From $5.50
Roti(plain) $3.50 Lychi Ice Cream,Fruit Salad From $5.50

Fried Dumpling

Fried Tofu Bar

Curry fried rice

Hokkien Noodles

Fried Wonton

Lentil Veg Soup

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